Dr John Gyenge has retired and the surgery is now closed.

General medical inquiries, City Medical 04 471 2161
Accident and Urgent Medical Centre 04 384 4944
Musculoskeletal inquiries, Tobias Hall 04385 6446  Tobias Hall has agreed to take over Dr Gyenge’s musculokeletal patients. Tobias is the head clinician at Featherston St Pain Clinic  on 04 385 6446 and is located on the corner of Featherston St. & Waring Taylor Street.  He also stocks the range of nutritional supplements.

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More and more evidence suggests that modern lifestyles can drain our bodies of nutrients, and that our modern diets don’t provide us with the proper balance and level of vitamins and minerals.  This means that dietary, nutritional and health supplements are increasingly viewed as an important contributor to health.

Additional nutritional support is available to patients with a personalised regimen of vitamins, minerals, herbal and other supplements.

The range includes products by Thorne and Metagenics and are only available to health professionals.

These nutritional and dietary supplements are prescribed to help compensate for the lack of natural vitamins, herbs and minerals found in our food supply, and to ensure effective therapeutic and prophylactic doses for treating medical disorders.


Dr John Gyenge has retired and the surgery is now closed.