Dr John Gyenge has retired and the surgery is now closed.

General medical inquiries, City Medical 04 471 2161
Accident and Urgent Medical Centre 04 384 4944
Musculoskeletal inquiries, Tobias Hall 04385 6446  Tobias Hall has agreed to take over Dr Gyenge’s musculokeletal patients. Tobias is the head clinician at Featherston St Pain Clinic  on 04 385 6446 and is located on the corner of Featherston St. & Waring Taylor Street.  He also stocks the range of nutritional supplements.

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Dr Gyenge is a qualified sports medicine practitioner.  He specialises in injury prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for a wide range of people including professional and recreational athletes and school aged kids.

.Every day, millions of people participate in sports activities, from soccer and skiing to cycling and ice skating.

It’s called playing, but sports activities are more than play. Participation improves physical fitness, coordination, and self-discipline, and gives children valuable opportunities to learn teamwork.

However, sports activities can also result in sports injuries – some minor, some serious, and others resulting in lifelong medical problems. This is where visiting a doctor qualified in sports medicine is important.

Each year, thousands of sports-related injuries are treated in hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics and hospital emergency rooms.

Dr Gyenge works in the fields of sports medicine and musculoskeletal medicine. He can assist patients to regain function lost due to an injury and can work with patients in long term rehabilitation.

After careful examination and investigations, Dr Gyenge will diagnose your injury, outline the treatment options available for you, and will build a plan that works for you.

To make an appointment, contact the surgery on 04 499 3886.

You’ll find us at Level 2, 22 Brandon Street, Wellington.

Note: ACC claims are initiated and referrals accepted.

Dr John Gyenge has retired and the surgery is now closed.