Dr John Gyenge has retired and the surgery is now closed.

General medical inquiries, City Medical 04 471 2161
Accident and Urgent Medical Centre 04 384 4944
Musculoskeletal inquiries, Tobias Hall 04385 6446  Tobias Hall has agreed to take over Dr Gyenge’s musculokeletal patients. Tobias is the head clinician at Featherston St Pain Clinic  on 04 385 6446 and is located on the corner of Featherston St. & Waring Taylor Street.  He also stocks the range of nutritional supplements.

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Every day many sports, work and general injuries occur which need musculoskeletal medicine

These can cause back pain, neck pain, some headaches, hip, shoulder and limb pain, sports injuries and fibromyalgia.

Many of these injuries require musculoskeletal treatment to assist patients to regain the use of their injured limb and work on long term rehabilitation.

Musculoskeletal disorders are very common with pain  affecting the spine, pelvic and shoulder areas and the upper and lower limbs. Pain and disability can have many causes and affect your quality of life. The good news is that there are ways of preventing or treating musculoskeletal conditions

Musculoskeletal medicine is the medical science of re-establishment of normal alignment and function in the body’s bones, ligaments and nerve structures.

Dr John Gyenge has retired and the surgery is now closed.