Wellington Doctor Dr John Gyenge



General medical inquiries, City Medical 04 471 2161
Accident and Urgent Medical Centre 04 384 4944
Musculoskeletal inquiries, Tobias Hall 04385 6446  Tobias Hall has agreed to take over Dr Gyenge’s musculokeletal patients. Tobias is the head clinician at Featherston St Pain Clinic  on 04 385 6446 and is located on the corner of Featherston St. & Waring Taylor Street.  He also stocks the range of nutritional supplements.

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Dr John Gyenge practised as a general practitioner as well as in the field of general practice, sports medicine and musculoskeletal medicine for more than 30 years in central Wellington.

He has worked with many of New Zealand’s top athletes and has completed his Masters in Sports Medicine from the University of New South Wales in Australia.

Dr Gyenge’s commitment to natural healing has meant that he has studied and practised a wide variety of natural and traditional medicine throughout his years as a doctor and GP.  He ensures that each patient is diagnosed and treated as a whole person.

So our clinic treats illnesses and disorders, using conventional medical techniques and medicines, nutritional remedies and some complementary therapies where appropriate.

This means your doctor will not only evaluate you following standard medical guidelines but will also consider other health care factors which may cause illness, including stress and environment.

Dr John Gyenge has a long association with martial arts and also represents central districts in the National Power Lifting Championships.

He is also very competent at completing all types of medicals, for general health checks and insurance purposes.


Dr John Gyenge has retired and the surgery is now closed.